Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision of Department

We envision to achieve status as an excellent educational institution in the global knowledge hub, making self-learners, experts, ethical and responsible engineers, technologists, scientists, managers, administrators and entrepreneurs who will significantly contribute to research and environment friendly sustainable growth of the nation and the world.

 Mission of Department 

To inculcate in the students self-learning abilities that enable them to become competitive and considerate engineers, technologists, scientists, managers, entrepreneurs and administrators by diligently imparting the best of education, nurturing environmental and social needs.

GOALS (Long Term) 

To enhance the learning skills of the students to improve their technical and soft skills.

To implement an effective system that make the students to get involved in improving professional and entrepreneurship skills with social and environmental importance.

To enrich the research attitude among the faculty and students to address various national and international issues.

  OBJECTIVES (Short Term)  

To impart sound knowledge and best education to improve the universal human value of students

To enhance the self-learning skills among the students.

To tie-up with national and international industries to make the students an industry ready person.

To inculcate research skills among the students to meet environmental, social and economic challenges.



We, at K.S.R. College of Engineering, shall strive hard continuously, to achieve academic excellence in Science, Engineering, Technology, Management and Research and to produce the most competent scientists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Researchers through objective and innovative teaching methods by dedicated and duty conscious faculty, continuous and consistent updating of facilities, welfare and quality improvement of the faculty and a system of continuous process improvement



We, at K.S.R. College of Engineering startup cell promotes entrepreneurs (Startup Professionals) at least one in forty graduates through self and continuous learning of industry benefits through literature, social and environmental challenges